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The European VC Journal Podcast

The European VC Journal unpacks the VC world. On this show, you will hear about different investment thesis of multiple VCs, about LP perspective - how does an LP evaluate a VC fund, and finally, about the journey of European entrepreneurs. . . .

Updated May 21, 2019

The Three Type of Investors You Should Watch Out for When Raising Funds

Though there are a wealth of resources that give advice to entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region on how to fundraise, most do not go into detail about the different goals of venture capitalists. They give tips on how to create the perfect pitch deck for investors, or what terms you should ask these investors for, or when you should try to close your . . .

Posted January 24, 2019

Want investors to come to you? Do these 3 things

There are thousands of resources that give advice to entrepreneurs on how to successfully pitch to investors. This breadth of material, encompassing everything from Medium blogs to thousand-dollar conferences, reflects one of the most deeply-held beliefs in the startup community that "entrepreneurs should pursue investors". . .

Posted January 3, 2019

How Startups can Utilise Public Relations to Attract Investors

If you scan the headlines of any tech publication focused on the Asia-Pacific region, you'll notice a common theme: fundraising. Entrepreneurs, in short, like to go to the press when they have raised angel investing or venture capital. While this approach may get companies a temporary boost in publicity, it is short-sighted and may count as an example of the . . .

Posted December 26, 2018

3 Ways to Find Smart Money for Your Tech Startup

As the tech ecosystem in the Asia Pacific is still nascent, most entrepreneurs who fundraise for their startup are doing so for the first time. Unfortunately, for as much as local headlines celebrate the latest fundraising news, there are comparatively much fewer resources that give guidance on successfully navigating the world of venture capital in the . . .

Posted December 11, 2018