Discover How Rocket Equities Leads Philippine Investment Banking

Investment banking in the Philippines anticipates growth, with revenues forecasted at US$1.31 billion by 2024, declining slightly to US$1.22 billion by 2028. Market trends favor personalized financial solutions and sustainable investing, shaped by local regulations and economic factors. Both local and international firms compete in a dynamic landscape, adapting to evolving investor demands amidst economic expansion and foreign investment influx.

Discover How Rocket Equities Leads Philippine Investment Banking

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking facilitates fundraising and strategic business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advice, securities issuance, and corporate finance solutions. Acting as intermediaries, investment banks provide expertise in capital markets, risk management, and financial structuring, guiding clients through complex financial landscapes to foster economic growth and capital formation.


Primary Services Offered by Investment Banks

Primary Services Offered by Investment Banks


Financial experts assist their clients in understanding and managing the complexities of high finance. Investment banking in the Philippines is broadly divided into six key functions.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Investment banks facilitate M&A deals by providing advisory services, conducting financial analyses, and assisting in negotiations between companies.


Capital Raising

Through underwriting securities offerings like stocks and bonds, managing the issuance process, and facilitating connections with investors, investment banks play an important role in assisting companies to raise capital.


Corporate Finance Advisory

Investment banks offer strategic financial advice to corporations, including restructuring, valuation, and risk management.


Equity and Debt Financing

Companies benefit from the expertise of investment banks in structuring and underwriting equity and debt securities offerings, enabling them to raise funds through the issuance of stocks or bonds.


Private Equity

Private equity firms collaborate with investment banks to facilitate investments in private companies, receiving financing, advisory services, and assistance with exit strategies.


Asset Management

For institutional and individual clients, investment banks oversee investment portfolios, providing services including portfolio construction, risk management, and investment advice.


Key Players in the Investment Banking Industry in the Philippines

Major players in the investment banking industry of the Philippines encompass a diverse range of commercial and non-commercial banking institutions, providing extensive financial services. Regulatory oversight is provided by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, founded in 1993 to supervise and direct banking activities within the country of these banking institutions:


Bulge Bracket Banks

Bulge bracket banks dominate global finance, serving Fortune 500 giants. Operating in the Philippines, this investment banking orchestrates multibillion-dollar deals, offering trading, financing, asset management, equity research, and M&A. With expansive global footprints, they diversify revenue through commercial and retail banking.


Middle Market Banks

Middle-market investment banking in the Philippines bridges the gap between boutique firms and bulge brackets, managing deals from $50 million to $500 million. While they may specialize, they offer comprehensive services akin to larger banks: equity and debt markets, financing, asset management, M&A, and restructuring, catering to a diverse clientele.


Boutique Banks

A boutique bank is a small financial institution known for its specialized services tailored to specific industries or client needs. Offering personalized solutions and high-touch service, boutique banks cater to niche markets, complementing larger institutions in the financial sector. There are two main types of boutique banks:

  • Regional Boutique Banks: These are small investment banks with few employees, focusing on specific geographic regions or market sectors. They offer specialized services tailored to local needs.

  • Elite Boutique Banks: Unlike regional boutiques, elite boutiques handle larger deals and operate across multiple countries. They may specialize in services like M&A, competing with bulge bracket banks.


Why Choose Investment Banking in the Philippines?

Why Choose Investment Banking in the Philippines


Exploring investment banking in the Philippines presents opportunities in a growing economy with rising investment interest. With a ripe Southeast Asian market for

development and innovation, your trusted investment advisor in the Philippines will provide you with:


Access to Capital Markets

Investment banks facilitate companies in securing capital via debt or equity financing, such as initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-on offerings, and private placements. This capability to access funds empowers businesses to invest in growth projects, broaden their operations, or undertake strategic mergers and acquisitions.


Confidentiality and Discretion

By maintaining strict confidentiality and handling sensitive information with utmost discretion, investment banks build trust among their clients. This trust is crucial, as clients rely on the bank's integrity and professional ethics to keep their information protected.


Customized Investment Solutions

Investment banking in the Philippines offers tailored investment solutions by understanding financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizons, and advising on strategic financial actions. They provide access to exclusive investment opportunities and leverage extensive networks ensuring solutions are continuously aligned with evolving market conditions and client objectives.


Industry Expertise

Many investment banks have expertise in certain sectors, enabling them to deliver targeted advice and insights based on an in-depth understanding of industry trends, dynamics, and competition. This specialization supports clients in making well-informed decisions and taking advantage of potential opportunities.


Successful Investment Banking in the Philippines with Rocket Equities

Successful Investment Banking in the Philippines


Rocket Equities is a distinguished player in the investment banking field, known for its exceptional ability to manage intricate financial deals with unmatched precision and strategic insight. Below, we highlight some of our most successful transactions.



Sourcefit, an international leader in business process outsourcing (BPO) with operational centers across the Philippines, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, and Armenia, has successfully secured a substantial strategic investment. This significant financial landmark attracted backing from notable investors such as 9 Basil, NextGen Ventures, and Rocket Equities, marking a critical juncture in Sourcefit's growth.



Rocket Equities is proud to have served as the sole financial advisor to OnPoint, the top E- commerce enabler in Vietnam, during its US$50 million Series B funding round, which was spearheaded by Seatown Holdings International, a subsidiary fully owned by Temasek. This investment represents the largest private funding in the Southeast Asian e-commerce enabler sector over the past five years.


Mineski Global

Mineski Global, a pioneering esports organization, has secured a stellar $10.6 million Series A funding round. This impressive feat was led by renowned investment firms Mizuho Asia Partners and Endeavor Catalyst, with expert guidance from Rocket Equities. Funds will boost product development, expand gamification tech, and strengthen the team. These investments affirm Mineski's commitment to fostering a united esports community in Southeast Asia.


Great Deals

Rocket Equities is thrilled to announce its pivotal role as a financial advisor in facilitating a US$30 million growth capital infusion for Great Deals E-Commerce Corp, the leading e- commerce enabler in the Philippines, throughout its Series B funding round. This transaction further solidifies Rocket Equities' position as a foremost advisor in private capital financing within Southeast Asia, capitalizing on its broad network across diverse investor categories.


Trust the Expertise of Rocket Equities in Investment Banking in the Philippines

Rocket Equities offers investment banking expertise in the Philippines, assisting companies in capital raising and acquisitions. With a network of 300+ investors in the Asia-Pacific, including venture capitalists and private equity firms, we provide comprehensive financial consultancy services, leveraging industry insights for strategic decision-making. Trust us for expert guidance.


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