Invest US$ 10.6M Series A

Mineski Global, the leading Southeast Asia-based esports organization, has announced a $10.6-million Series A funding round with participation from Mizuho Asia Partners and Endeavor Catalyst. This deal was advised by Rocket Equities.

September 2021 | Philippines
Invest US$ 10.6M Series A

Mineski Global is known for its passion and innovation in the world of esports. It delivers top-notch gaming experiences for enthusiasts through its products in leagues, platforms, content, tournaments, and events. Their distribution network focused on youth gamers and on building a community ensures a long-term relationship with their customers across each of their business lines, making them stand out amongst their peers and the way they are viewed by their customers. Headquartered in Manila, Mineksi serves gamers across the Southeast Asia region.


The investment will be used towards growing its portfolio in gamification technology, developing and launching new products, building the team, improving efficiencies in its existing businesses, as well as, expanding its footprint across Southeast Asia.



Ronald Robinson K. Robins, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mineski Global, stated, “As one of the pioneering esports companies in Southeast Asia, we are grateful to be the first to partner with these prestigious institutional investors. The opportunity of forming a relationship with these investors along with having access to the resources at their disposal allows us to build further into our vision for Mineski Global and continue to fuel our explosive growth. Through building the infrastructure and aggregating different components into a more attractive industry base for all our stakeholders, we will continue to create value in the esports ecosystem.”


Mineski’s institutional investors have also commented on the Series A funding round.


Vincent Yang, a Director of Mizuho Asia Partners stated, “We’re excited to invest in Mineski Global as it is uniquely positioned to create and capture value in the esports ecosystem. The team’s deep esports experience, track record, and execution capability set it apart from other esports enablers. Moreover, we believe in the founders’ vision to expand esports to a broader audience via new media formats, such as Mineski Games and GG Trucks.”


Allen Taylor, Managing Director at Endeavor Catalyst, stated, “As the largest esports organization in Southeast Asia, we’re excited to partner with the CEO, CFO, and the rest of the team of Mineski Global on their next stage of growth,”. He added, “As they continue to scale, we are excited for what this means for the esports industry and the region”



About Mineski Global

Mineski Global is the pioneer esports company of Southeast Asia that has a track record of holding esports tournaments in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and the rest of the world thanks to broad and extensive experience in all aspects of esports and gaming since 2004. Mineski Global aims to unify gamers into the largest sports community through content, events, and other engagement platforms.


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About Mizuho Asia Partners

Mizuho Asia Partners Pte. Ltd and its investment manager Exacta Capital Partners, are headquartered in Singapore with local offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Through Exacta, Mizuho seeks to invest in and nurture promising mid-cap companies in Southeast Asia in part by leveraging its Japanese connections and strong local presence across Southeast Asia.


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About Endeavor Catalyst

Endeavor Catalyst is an Endeavor Global, co-investment fund that invests in the companies of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. With $250M in Assets Under Management (AUM) across 32+ markets and 200+ investments, 28 of which have achieved unicorn status.


About Rocket Equities

Rocket Equities is a Southeast Asia-focused advisory firm experienced in helping market leaders with capital raising, M&A, and buy-outs. Rocket Equities advised Mineski Global in its Series A fundraise.


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